Project-tracking stages

CARIGEST SA assists donors with the tasks associated with management and follow-up of the projects the donor intends to plan and finance. We make available a sound infrastructure, backed by expertise, so the donor is assured of a serious, sustainable approach for the conduct of its charitable projects.

Stage 1

In-depth examination of the beneficiary’s project according to pre-established criteria.

  • Project validation, or not, by being in possession of the maximum number of facts in order to provide the donor with a quality response.
Stage 2

Require beneficiaries to supply all the facts and figures (project description, allocated budget, organizational structure), which must back up the project file.

  • Provide files comprising the key features required for the project to proceed well in line with the defined strategy.
Stage 3

Track the project’s progress from start to finish: preparation and submission of interim and final reports.

  • Be kept informed at all times of the project’s achievement and progress.
Stage 4

Provide a report on everything that has been accomplished in the time allowed.

  • Take a snapshot of the grant’s circumstances.
Stage 5

Press and multimedia review in order to document the file.

  • Assess the media repercussions of projects and participate in PR events.
Stage 6

Tracking and customized support, plus implementation of methodological tools in specific fields.

  • Enable the donor to evaluate and better understand the effect of the action taken with regard to beneficiaries.